28 février 2013

St. Patrick Church And School, Tom Gâteau

St. Patrick episcopal Church and School in Tom Gâteau, Haïti, is in process to be rebuilt. Visiting the church and school I met Frantz, one of the young living of Tom Gateau, who is a shoemaker. In my conversations with him he told me that he spends too much money for one shoe because the equipment to make it can be found only in Port Au Prince. When he finishes to establish one shoe he needs to go down in Port Au prince, paying transportation and other fees cause the machine shoemaker costs 2,000,00 Haitian dollars( equivalent of $300,00 US)
The school welcomes more 250 students whom parents can't pay any kind of tuition and then the administration can't pay the teachers either. I am doing a call for help for those children in order to accept them at school, provide them books and supplies, create a feeding program where all the children can take lunch together creating so one family.
I am illustrating this with some pictures.

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