31 mai 2013

A typical family in St. Etienne

Pitit se byen malere"(child is wealthier poor) is a very use word in the countryside of Haiti. Because the lack of clean water, electricity, education, healthcare...at 6:00 pm people go to bed and create misery in having lot of children while resources are very limited. Sometimes they don't really know how to name the children and lot of children born and grow up without a birth certificate, in fact, don't integrate the database of the government and, so don't benefit any service. 
This family is a typic one in the village of St. Etienne where no clean water and you must walk 3 hours to get water for the cook. Mireille is the mother(30 years old) and Kernizan the father(44). Mireille and Kernizan had their first baby 10 years ago and now they have 6 while Mireille is still young(30). Kernizan had, before he met Mireille, 2 children who grew up without any chance to go to school. 
In the village, St. Etienne episcopal church has been creating an elementary school in order to educate the children of the village. The parents, even they can not pay any tuition, believe in educating their children in expectation of a better life if their children are lucky in getting a job. The parents live by working the land, it doesn't rain often, and each year the hurricanes devastate all the gardens, complicating the life of those. 
It isn't easy to educate them on a family planing(birth control) because their belief in having children.
Like priest, it's really hard to see those little ones grow without any birth certificate and many more without any chance to be well educated. Sometimes I can't even sleep thinking about this situation. It's not only a drama for the Christian I am, but more than that, it's a human drama which needs human attentions.
If this touches your heart, open your pocket, welcome in joining us  to reach out those littles one. 

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