3 février 2012

Notre-Dame: School, Kitchen??? and Food

 One of the classroom at Notre Dame Episcopalian School, the children togetter, without any difference, are taken at least once a day lunch. More than 50% come to school without breackfast and are not sure that coming back home will have lunch. When Notre Dame can provide daily a plate to the children, not only the children of the school access but all those for the food are enough. Aditionnally Bolosse is one of the poorest areas of Port-Au-Prince. Many of them do not have books, that means they are not really learning. How can we be sure that this generation can take himself in charge in 10 years later? Who will pay the consequence if they are not well trained?
 Did you ever see a kitchen? Here is where some women of the church volunteer preparing food for the children using their own kitchen equipments. Everyday they come with the equipments and come back with, no others for their own use at home. 
They don't care about where the food were prepaired but they enjoy eating after playing togetter. How can notre Dame keep building friendship, generation, promote peace and love beetween angry people? We really want to keep this kind way to encourage common life, but the costs? Were you invited by someone to give or pray for? Did you hesitate for giving? Because you see now, believe, engage, give and promote.