2 février 2012

When you support Notre Dame feeding program

Many children in the area of Bolosse are malnourished. Notre Dame needs to be supported for being able to keep up the feeding program that we have been started. The mission of the church is very large. Someone can choose to support local mission, some others can choose to support international mission. In both case, the mission of the church does not change. 
We want to give thanks specially to Carey who, since after the earthquake, has been searching partners who could support Notre Dame. You can support the children of Bolosse by providing food, providing school supplies, paying for uniforms, supporting the staff salary, etc. 
We would love to offer opportunities to those kids to enjoy special moment eating togetter and knowing themselves, but we can not keep up the costs of the equipments and products. We are searching people, believers or no, christian or no, but human who could help us to provide food while we could support the women of the church to win some money.
Support the feeding program by prayers and donations.